Game Night for Tupac’s Muse

As  I sit here eating leftover spinach dip enjoying the after glow of yet another dope ass party I thought,  I should probably be writing a post about it.  So, here I am.  Last night’s party was in honor of my mother.  My mother believes that Tupac’s song Hail Mary was written for her….it goes without saying she’s a pretty fun person.  My mother, the control freak, told me that she wanted me to throw her a Pajama Party Game Night.  I, of course, obliged. 

The menu for this little soiree?  Oh, we had some finger foods.  On our appetizer table was Chicken Taquitos topped with crumbled Cotija cheese, Veggie Egg Rolls, BBQ and Buffalo chicken, Veggie potstickers, sweet and sour turkey meatballs and of course, spinach dip.  Mario made a delicious dipping sauce for the potstickers and Egg Rolls.   I know, I know….our kids are constantly telling us that we “be doing the most” and I am totally ok with that.  I’m a good hostess.  He’s a good host.  That’s what we do.  Periodt. 

But, that wasn’t the only food we had up in here, oh no.  Because I got the idea to have a macaroni and cheese bar for my mama. We call her Big Mary.  She likes it so, it’s ok.  This Macaroni and Cheese bar was EPIC.  I use that word a lot but, I swear to you it was.  People are raving about it on social media RIGHT NOW.  I made two different types of Mac and Cheese – classic cheddar and garlic parmesan.  We had a shit ton of toppings.   There was BBQ brisket, grilled chicken, buffalo chicken, turkey chili, turkey andouille sausage (More on this later), fried onions, Truffle oil, buttered breadcrumbs……

No, I will not stop naming things.  I don’t care if your mouth is watering or that you’re hungry.

Where was I?  Ummmmm sautéed peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms two ways,  roasted broccoli, bleu cheese and a whole lotta shredded cheddar, pepper jack parmesan and gouda cheese. 

See?  EPIC.

We paired all of this with our go-to party wines.  The people at Total Wine know and love us.  We have Reserve Points for days.   There was Ancient Roots Red Blend and Belvino Pinot Grigio and Double Dog Dare Moscato.  For the record, I do not believe Moscato is wine.  It’s almost like calling Strawberry Boones Farm wine.  It’s just a no for me…but, Big Mary likes it so we always have it when she is coming over.  Otherwise she sits and sips one glass of whatever wine we are drinking and makes faces every time she takes a sip.  I am a hostess dammit so I make sure my guests are good.  All of them.

So we ate.  We drank.  We played games.  There are always games at our house.  Last night everyone enjoyed Heads Up and Black Card.  Nothing says Game Night like testing my family’s blackness.  I had to make sure they knew things like all the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song y’all.  Don’t judge me.  That shit is important. We played these games while intoxicated and stuffed on carbs.  It was fantastic.  We even had trophies and shit.  My mama was happy.  My family was happy.  I was happy.  

We ended the party with Game Night themed cake from our favorite bakery. Sweet Thing Black Orchid is LIFE. It’s black owned. It’s 45 minutes from our house. Showing support is important to us even if it means driving to Waldorf which for a Washingtonian is kind of like going out of town….just for cake. It’s the ONLY place we get our cakes from. It’s so worth the drive.

Does this sound like something you can pull off? Because you totally can. Keep watching this blog. I’m gonna be dropping knowledge and inspiration.

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